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The first informational CTK Volleyball meeting for the 2018 season will be held on Thursday, March 2 @ 7:15pm in the CTK Gym. Any girls that are in the 6th-12th grade as of February 2018 will be eligible to participate in the program. We need people to volunteer as coaches, scorekeepers and lines people in order for the program to move forward. Coach Donna Newman will be present to answer any questions that you may have on March 2.

is now open for the FALL 2017 Season

The CYO basketball program at Christ the King will now operate all teams under the administration of CYO Nassau/Suffolk.

This program is open to ALL skill level players, ranging from 4th to 8th grades.  The teams will compete against other parishes on Long Island.

Players are required to attend their allotted evaluation session (listed below), so they can be properly placed on a team. The evaluations will take place at Christ the King.  The athlete is to attend the session for the grade they will be in September 2017.

4th grade:  Tuesday March 28th @ 6:00 PM
5th grade:  Tuesday  March  28th @ 8:00 PM
6th grade:  Wednesday March  29th @ 6:00 PM
7th grade:  Wednesday March 29th @ 8:00 PM
8th grade:  Thursday  March 30th @ 6:00 PM

Our intent is to make as many teams as possible, based on: (1) the number of players signing up, and (2) the number of coaches volunteering.

CYO Nassau/Suffolk maintains strict rules of eligibility to play for a parish.  An athlete must fit one of the following criteria in order to participate in Christ the King’s CYO:

  • The athlete resides in Christ the King’s parish boundaries.
  • The athlete is a registered parishioner of Christ the King.
  • The athlete attends Children’s Faith Formation at Christ the King.
  • The athlete attends Holy Family Regional School.
  • The athlete lives in an adjoining parish, but AFTER trying out for their resident parish team gets cut, and so is now eligible to try out at Christ the King.
  • The athlete lives in an adjoining parish, but their resident parish does not have a team for the athlete’s age group.

Eligibility is verified by CYO Nassau/Suffolk before an athlete is alllowed to be on an official roster.

From the CYO Nassau/Suffolk site:

The CYO Girls Basketball Program offers young girls the opportunity to compete in Nassau & Suffolk.

4th grade level is a non-competitive instructional league. (10 games). There are no won and loss records, no standings, & the score is turned back to zero at the end of each quarter of play.

Grades 5, 6, 7, & 8 invite 3 levels of play: A) Highly Competitive; B) Average; C) Beginners.

CYO offers a 12 game season + playoffs at each level.

Please note:
Christ the King CYO requires that all players, coaches and spectators demonstrate appropriate behavior at all times.  Officials will not tolerate discussions, comments, or gestures, regarding any judgement calls.  There will be no warning.  Any acts of unsportsmanlike behavior will result in a technical foul.  Any further acts will result in ejection.  Everyone should display sportsmanship in victory or defeat.

Christ the King CYO will not tolerate any comments or photos posted on any social media site regarding any aspect of the Christ the King Program, coaches, players, referees or spectators.  Anyone violating these rules and/or any intentional disrespect or vandalism of school or church property will be subject to disciplinary actions, as well as expulsion from the program.

Christ the King CYO’s Mission

To encourage our youth to appreciate, grow, and share their God-given athletic gifts with their community,
in a nurturing and respectful environment that promotes the sharing of gospel values among athletes, parents and coaches.